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RedSeal Networks

Comprehensive information on the current level of network security and resilience. The platform allows you to get accurate information about the state of the network in the context of your work.

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RedSeal allows you to quickly obtain the necessary security information, which speeds up and simplifies the implementation of initiatives to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Given that business requirements are constantly changing, the solution helps to build the most secure network of the new generation. RedSeal's cybersecurity analysis platform is a solution designed specifically for the world's largest, dynamic and complex networks. RedSeal helps confirm that your organization's network is growing securely.


RedSeal's advanced analytics core evaluates device settings, verifies scan results and vulnerability databases, builds an accurate network model, identifies security risks, identifies priorities and actions, and provides important information to resolve issues quickly. Operations are performed continuously, automatically.


The RedSeal analytics core analyzes security issues in the context of network operation. The solution identifies network vulnerabilities and risks, assessing not only the simplicity of potential unauthorized intrusion, but also the possible consequences. The resulting list of problems with their priorities will help you effectively use limited security resources to address the most dangerous vulnerabilities in the first place.


RedSeal knows almost everything about your network and ensures maximum transparency at all levels, speeds up and increases the effectiveness of incident response measures. By identifying an attacker on the network, RedSeal identifies priorities and secondary goals to localize the problem and limit possible damage. RedSeal's second-tier network analysis tools allow you to quickly find and isolate damaged nodes.


With RedSeal, you can create and visualize security policies to easily identify unintentional, unwanted, or redundant access. Before making changes, whether it's expanding the network, providing secure access to new applications, or connecting vendors and partners, RedSeal demonstrates the security implications of each change. Your network will continue to comply with policies, and you'll be able to easily identify problems and get detailed information to fix them.


By installing a specialized application RedSeal on your smartphone, any employee of the organization will be able to go to the control center to assess the current parameters of network security and track trends. The information panel reflects information on critical indicators and the most important issues - both in real time and in retrospect. Here you can see the indices and results of the risk analysis conducted by RedSeal, taking into account the prevalence of critical vulnerabilities, errors in security settings, as well as insufficient transparency of some network segments. All this allows us to implement a unified approach to the assessment of security parameters.


As the intensity and complexity of attacks increase, so do policies and rules aimed at ensuring proper network protection. RedSeal helps increase the efficiency and effectiveness not only of compliance initiatives, but also of the organization's internal business processes. By defining a policy in RedSeal, you will be able to continuously monitor it and verify compliance with regulatory requirements. The solution minimizes manual operations by speeding up processes and increasing the accuracy of results. RedSeal provides key controls for PCI, NERC CIP, NIST 800-53 and DISA STIG. Main areas of control: network segmentation, vulnerability scanning, penetration tests, optimization of settings.


The RedSeal platform is certified to comply with the ArcSight CEF standard, which allows you to compare data on existing corporate network vulnerabilities with information on information security events. Data can be sent directly to the ArcSight ESM system in the standard CEF exchange format or in the form of messages in the Syslog format.

This allows you to more accurately prioritize incidents based on the location of network devices or host systems and identify violations. RedSeal's integration with HP ArcSight ESM optimizes the incident management process and allows organizations to focus resources on the most important risk factors and eliminate identified violations in the shortest possible time.

With RedSeal, you can design an effective security system. The solution allows you to model and test settings before implementing them to analyze the most vulnerable to attack and make changes to the structure in advance. As a result, you not only maximize network security, but also save money.

RedSeal Networks in 30 seconds

IIT Distribution received the status of distributor solutions RedSeal Networks in Ukraine


Company iIT Distribution has signed a distribution agreement with RedSeal Networks, Inc. - developer of software solutions in the field of information security intended for visualization and analysis of network security risks. As part of this agreement, the IIT Distribution team provides distribution and promotion of decisions in Ukraine.

Redseal is a corporate information security risk management platform that allows you to automate the process of collecting configurations of network devices (routers, switches, load balancing) and information protection tools (firewalls, attack prevention systems). Receiving a configuration is carried out by connecting to devices or read configuration files from a specified repository (CMDB, file resources). Based on the received REDSEAL information automatically builds an actual network card.

REDSEAL platform capabilities:

  • Detection in the automatic mode of network infrastructure components, their configurations and monitoring their condition, as well as the construction of the visual structural scheme of the corporate network of any complexity, indicating the routes of traffic, considering the rights of access to IT resources.
  • Analysis of changes in the components of the network infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities and vectors of possible attacks with detailed information on detected vulnerabilities and recommendations for their elimination
  • Providing compliance with both regulatory requirements (PCI DSS, NERC CIP, NIST 800-53, DISA STIG and HIPAA) and intended for users corporate Ib politicians
  • The only control panel, on which is reflected in the general IB risk index of the corporate network, calculated on the Digital Resilience Score methodology

"Currently, one of the main problems facing most of the information security departments is the lack of current information on network topology, as well as about the changes that occur in it, comments the director of the company IIT Distribution, Yuri Gatupov. RedSeal solution allows real-time to receive information about the configuration of network devices, build a virtual network model and analyze its current configuration for compliance with information protection requirements. Unlike other solutions, RedSeal allows you to evaluate information security not at the level of a separate network device, but at the level of the Network of the organization. That is why we stayed on the organization of strategic cooperation with RedSeal. Our technical experts are ready to familiarize partners and end users with the benefits of the RedSeal platform. "

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