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The announcement of a new solution for storing InfiniBox SSA corporate class data from infinidat!


On the 16-th of June a world leader in enterprise class storage solutions providers Infinidat presented its new platform InfiniBox SSA, with the help of which expanded its product line by InfiniBox.

InfiniBox SSA is the first system which use 100% solid state technology for permanent storage. The combination of Infinidat Neural Cache's patented machine learning algorithm and increased DRAM cache takes revolutionary InfiniBox performance to a new level. The available capacity of InfiniBox SSA is 546 TB, and when using compression, this value reaches 1092 TB. IOPS value — up to 1.5 million.


Although both DRAM and SSD are solid-state technologies, DRAM is much faster than flash-based SSDs.

According to the results of testing and comparison with the main solutions based on flash arrays InfiniBox SSA surpassed all AFA products and achieved 3 times more performance with 40% less delay even in multiple failure scenarios.


InfiniBox SSA — is an additional system to InfiniBox, but not a replacement. InfiniBox SSA is created for workloads that require low levels of latency on a regular basis. At the same time, the solution complements the standard InfiniBox system for general purpose applications, which are mainly used in the corporate environment.

The common software base for the standard InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA provides data transfer between platforms allowing customers to reduce the total total cost of ownership while optimizing latency.

  • InfiniGuard як і раніше найкраще підходить для переважної більшості стандартних застосунків, забезпечуючи в середньому продуктивність з низькою затримкою
    при виключно низькій вартості володіння при місткості в кілька петабайт. Learn more about InfiniBox by the link.
  • InfiniBox SSA — is a solution for unique atypical loads that require stable predictable performance with the lowest possible delays.

Therefore, InfiniBox SSA, like all other Infinidat solutions, provides consistent uncompromising and proven reliability, availability, advanced features, ease of use and quality of customer service.

“Our market research has confirmed that some enterprise applications require super low latency and extremely high performance. Achieving this balance and maximizing speed was a difficult task that required a new, non-traditional approach. The decision to move the internal FDD to solid technology and get the most out of any media - is a new look at how to better address performance-sensitive applications”, —said Paul Nashawati, senior ESGanalyst.


Feedback from customers around the world who have already evaluated and deployed InfiniBox SSA tested for 6 months was extremely positive.

Company iIT Distribution, офіційний дистриб'ютор рішень Infinidat, повідомляє про те, що найприємнішим фактором для перших користувачів даного рішення стане те, що InfiniBox SSA не тільки перемагає в битвах за продуктивність, але і робить це за дуже конкурентними цінами.

InfiniBox SSA is already available worldwide, including in Ukraine! We invite all corporate customers and partners to quickly gain and appreciate not only lightning speed, but also the benefits of ease of use, scalability, high availability and low total cost of ownership (TCO) of the InfiniBox SSA platform. You can order, purchase, test or receive additional information about InfiniBox SSA by ordering a call or filling out the feedback form on our website.


Review of the new version of NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0. Continuation

Articles and reviews

The second part of our review of the updated NetBrain v10.0 is an adaptive network automation platform that provides instant visualization and analysis of critical data through integration with hardware and software, as well as with virtualization systems.

With the release of updates, the company has expanded the industry's best set of tools for network automation with a wide range of new features that scale automation for end-to-end hybrid network operations:

Network Intent provides a way to document network design for specific network devices, what these design baselines are like, and how to verify network design properly with a no-code parser. It helps engineers quickly understand each device's design and baseline or normal state. More importantly, network problems often violate network design, so we can eliminate the hypothesis by verifying predefined Network Intent and speed up the troubleshooting process.

The Adaptive Monitoring system provides intelligent trigger automation to capture network problems without overloading the system. It leverages the flash probes as monitoring units to detect the data anomaly that occurred on any single device via SNMP/CLI data polling. As soon as an anomaly is detected, the system will take immediate action to execute the predefined network intents, the results of which will provide critical references to the root cause analysis and speed up the troubleshooting process.

Decision Tree features allow network engineers to share their troubleshooting knowledge with others for a specified device. In a troubleshooting task, network engineers can create a map and open the Decision Tree of the problem device and use this knowledge to identify the root cause. It is the first time that NetBrain provides a visual function to present troubleshooting reference workflows. The knowledge is created as automation (Network Intent, Runbook, CLI command) and associated with a specified symptom which can be defined as Flash Probe or Hypothesis.

Completely redesigned the SmartCLI application, and integrated the dynamic mapping, executable runbook, compare, and collaboration features around the traditional CLI process. Using the new Smart CLI, network engineers can intelligently analyze the CLI output, automatically document the troubleshooting activities, and effectively collaborate with a team of co-workers. As a result, the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) can be greatly reduced.

Schedule CLI Command is designed to fill the gap of “No CLI historical data or not enough data in NetBrain system”. This feature allows users to benchmark certain CLI commands on specified devices. With this CLI historical data, network engineers can view and compare the CLI result data to speed up the troubleshooting process and reduce MTTR.

Feature Intent Template decodes various network technologies (BGP, QoS, Multicasting etc.) from device configuration files across the entire network, then creates the related NetBrain automation resources (DVT represents BGP design, Flash Probe represents BGP neighbor check, etc.), and defines the respective running methods (schedule run or triggered by flash probes) in NetBrain system to further scale NetBrain’s troubleshooting automation solutions.

With the functions built for the public cloud, operating a public cloud network consisting of hundreds or even thousands of public cloud accounts becomes easier:

  • Auto-Discovery across multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud infrastructure.
  • End-to-end visibility via Dynamic Map.
  • Application dependency mapping across physical, SDN, and public network.
  • Use Dynamic Map as Single-Pane-of-Glass for all cloud-related data, from native tools or 3rd-party tools.
  • Troubleshoot cloud with Executable Runbook automation.

IEv10.0 introduces the Incident Portal. An incident represents a ticket in NetBrain to track a network problem or a network change. End users can organize and share maps, devices, individual insights, and findings targeting a specific troubleshooting task and collaborate with more colleagues to resolve issues. Keeping everyone on the same page effectively reduces MTTR. In addition, Incident Portal offers an independent portal page for each incident. External users without NetBrain Workstation seat licenses can access a portal to join the collaboration session by viewing maps and posting messages, etc.

Auto Upgrade Enhancements. In version 8.0, the platform resources (such as Driver, Plugin, Runbook, and Data View Template) could be auto-updated via Knowledge Cloud (KC). In 10.0, we expand KC to manage both the framework components and the platform resources and allow the NetBrain Workstation to upgrade a patch or minor release containing both platform and framework components. The user can set up a schedule for a software upgrade, and the system provides auto-test capabilities to verify essential functions, such as retrieving live data and application path. An auto-test can be performed either before or after the upgrade.

IEv10.0 integrates with Splunk, allowing Splunk to trigger NetBrain to create a map and run a runbook for a specified network issue.

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Review of the new version of NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0

Articles and reviews

The network is the basis of a modern enterprise. If the network fails, troubleshooting will not be cheap, and the reputation will suffer. We often see examples of the negative impact of network failures when payment and communication systems fail, or when digital processes are shut down, requiring a return to manual configuration. And with the advent of rapid growth in work at home and remote work, the role of the network has grown significantly. Therefore, you need to use automation to manage and maintain your network.

Therefore, NetBrain has doubled its commitment to automate the scaling of network operations for any network, any specialist and any problem and has released an updated version of its platform with a significant list of new and unique functionality.

NetBrain is an adaptive network automation platform that provides instant visualization and analysis of critical data through integration with hardware and software, as well as with virtualization systems. NetBrain allows you to speed up the response and processing of various IT processes, serves as a universal interface and reduces the manual work of engineers with CLI.

With the release of the updated NetBrain v10.0, the company has expanded the industry's best set of tools for network automation with a wide range of new features that scale automation for end-to-end hybrid network operations.

NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 introduces innovative technologies, including Network Intention, Feature Decode, and Adaptive Monitoring, to enable network automation at scale. This release also streamlines the troubleshooting collaboration and escalation via a new Incident Portal and enhanced Smart CLI features. By incorporating the public cloud support – Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure – and enhanced Auto Update capabilities, NetBrain offers a more powerful and expandable platform than ever before. Other new features, including Feature Intent Template, SPOG with Cloud Management Tools, are also delivered in IEv10.0 to further enhance the troubleshooting automation.


Enterprises look to cloud networking to achieve agility and linear scalability, but often find operational inefficiencies make it difficult to get started. In many cases, they rely on siloed cloud monitoring tools that don’t provide true end-to-end visibility across the physical, virtual, software-defined, and multi-cloud segments of the network. NetBrain for Visual Multi-Cloud in v10.0 allows users to add Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure environments into their NetBrain deployment for true end-to-end network visibility, with additional cloud platform support coming in future releases.


Like cloud, SD-WAN is increasingly a mission critical part of enterprise networks. NetBrain continues to add support for market-leading SD-WAN solutions adding support for FatPipe in v10.0.


Enterprise network infrastructures operate by means of thousands of network designs, configurations, and tunings, all of which can be represented by a network intent. Intents include any network design, performance expectations, security policies, application paths, among other things. Intent-based automation is designed to automate around intents, opening the door to more complex network operations workflows through triggered, interactive, and proactive automations.


NetBrain 10.0 introduces the Feature Intent Template to accelerate automation creation and value. Operations engineers require flexible mechanisms that can scale to today’s multi-vendor, multi-platform environment. Feature Intent Template provides template-based feature decoding and automation building, enabling network operations team members to quickly scale automations across hybrid networks. This significantly increases the number of tasks and issues that can be addressed through automation.


When working with network data, enterprises need a robust no-code/low-code toolkit that not only allows network engineers to quickly create advanced automations, but also enables more people to develop these automations. Network automations no longer require years of coding experience.


Anyone who’s worked in network operations knows that troubleshooting is a team sport, pulling in players from across networking, applications, security, and other areas of IT, depending on the issue. Thus, teams should be able to share knowledge in real-time, using visual data to quickly resolve issues. With NetBrain’s new Incident Collaboration capabilities, we bring together dynamic maps with real-time messaging, so you can harness the knowledge and experience of your entire team to get to resolution. With Incident Portal, you can bring non-NetBrain users into the mix, sharing a secure URL to facilitate collaboration outside the Network Operations team when needed.

All of these new features complement NetBrain's existing automation and documentation capabilities, strengthening NetBrain as a platform for large-scale automated network operations. In the following review, we will look at the new features of NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 in more depth from a technical point of view.

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CrowdStrike has announced the acquisition of Humio's leading high-performance log management platform!


CrowdStrike introduces the industry-leading next generation XDR data processing platform.

CrowdStrike adds to its portfolio best-in-class Humio a logging and aggregation platform for unlimited, comprehensive event analysis - on-premises or in the cloud. The solution offers 1 TB of downloads per day, in-memory streaming, live, shared dashboards, alerts, analysis and real-time visualization of any events. Founded in 2016, Humio Event Log Management Platform is the fastest and most efficient solution with proven ability to do large scale jobs, making it ideal for extending CrowdStrike's capabilities.

The Humio data platform minimizes the problem of the ever-growing volume of event data and enables users to collect and analyze this data (structured or unstructured) at full scale. Leading organizations around the world such as Aruba HPE, Bloomberg, Decisiv and others have chosen Humio for the best technology and performance.

Humio will help CrowdStrike deliver a deeper, index-free XDR at a speed and scale that no other vendor can match. This EDR and XDR partnership is based on a combination of endpoint event logging with network visibility, account and identity management, and massive telemetry of all workloads, whether they are on-premises, in the cloud, or even deployed in a container.

Humio and CrowdStrike togetherwill create an enterprise-grade solution that solves the challenge of handling large and growing volumes of event data by empowering organizations to collect, observe, analyze and interact with all the structured and unstructured data in their environment to help meet enterprise IT challenges. including within the framework of the DevOps and DevSecOps models.

Customers and partners will be able to take advantage of the new data collection capabilities of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform to provide better analytics, threat detection and inter-event connectivity. All of this is delivered through a single intelligent server with great speed and efficiency.

CrowdStrike continues to innovate and improve its platform to solve real-world end-user problems, enriching it with additional capabilities.

Contact the iIT Distribution team , the official distributor of CrowdStrike, to learn more about the CrowdStrike Falcon platform and its new features!

Full release by the link.


Intelligent IT Distribution at the international conference "Go Digital - 2021: acceleration and migration. Money goes online".


On February 11, an event was held at which players of the banking and non-banking financial market gathered with IT industry experts to share the experience of Fintech development in Ukraine and create a new model for providing financial services to end consumers, invent practical ways of modernization, complete transformation, automation and information security financial sector players.

As a partner of the event, we will voice our main observations:

  • The financial market is now undergoing great changes thanks to the development and practical implementation of the latest technologies. And this does not happen at the initiative of market experts, but in response to the needs of end consumers.
  • A pleasant trend is that Ukraine is making powerful steps towards the popularization of Fintech, and the attention of the banking sector to this issue is growing every day. Particularly relevant topics are the multichannel offering of services to consumers, the globalization of organizational capabilities (transcending national boundaries), the use of international experience, and a focus on security, authentication and data protection.
  • Of course, one should not idealize the current situation, because not all traditional financial institutions are inclined to decisive innovations. Many IT infrastructures of banks require modernization and well-built business process management systems.
  • Of course, one should not idealize the current situation, because not all traditional financial institutions are inclined to decisive innovations. Many IT infrastructures of banks require modernization and well-built business process management systems.

The speech of our network engineer Taras Andrievsky on network documentation and automation based on the NetBrain solution is already available on our YouTube channel.


IIT Distribution received the status of distributor solutions RedSeal Networks in Ukraine


Company iIT Distribution has signed a distribution agreement with RedSeal Networks, Inc. - developer of software solutions in the field of information security intended for visualization and analysis of network security risks. As part of this agreement, the IIT Distribution team provides distribution and promotion of decisions in Ukraine.

Redseal is a corporate information security risk management platform that allows you to automate the process of collecting configurations of network devices (routers, switches, load balancing) and information protection tools (firewalls, attack prevention systems). Receiving a configuration is carried out by connecting to devices or read configuration files from a specified repository (CMDB, file resources). Based on the received REDSEAL information automatically builds an actual network card.

REDSEAL platform capabilities:

  • Detection in the automatic mode of network infrastructure components, their configurations and monitoring their condition, as well as the construction of the visual structural scheme of the corporate network of any complexity, indicating the routes of traffic, considering the rights of access to IT resources.
  • Analysis of changes in the components of the network infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities and vectors of possible attacks with detailed information on detected vulnerabilities and recommendations for their elimination
  • Providing compliance with both regulatory requirements (PCI DSS, NERC CIP, NIST 800-53, DISA STIG and HIPAA) and intended for users corporate Ib politicians
  • The only control panel, on which is reflected in the general IB risk index of the corporate network, calculated on the Digital Resilience Score methodology

"Currently, one of the main problems facing most of the information security departments is the lack of current information on network topology, as well as about the changes that occur in it, comments the director of the company IIT Distribution, Yuri Gatupov. RedSeal solution allows real-time to receive information about the configuration of network devices, build a virtual network model and analyze its current configuration for compliance with information protection requirements. Unlike other solutions, RedSeal allows you to evaluate information security not at the level of a separate network device, but at the level of the Network of the organization. That is why we stayed on the organization of strategic cooperation with RedSeal. Our technical experts are ready to familiarize partners and end users with the benefits of the RedSeal platform. "

We invite you to cooperate!


IIT DISTRIBUTION has received the status of a Lepide solutions distributor in Ukraine


Company iIT Distribution has signed a distribution agreement with Lepide - a provider of audit and data protection solutions. As part of this agreement, the IIT Distribution team provides distribution and promotion of decisions in Ukraine.

Lepide is developing the Lepideauditor data protection platform. This is a solution to protect data that helps organizations solve problems of external threats, data loss and compliance with various information security standards.

Lepideauditor helps to see what is needed to identify and prevent threats and allows you to determine where confidential data is located who have access to them and users do with them:

    • identify anomalies in user behavior

    • proactive monitoring of potential threats

    • real-time warning about critical changes in systems

    • control of access to data on earth and in the cloud

Many organizations experience the influence of internal threats only after data leakage, when it is too late to do something about this. The only way to ensure that this will not happen - take a proactive and comprehensive data audit strategy. Lepideauditor allows administrators to add one or more Active Directory objects, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, file servers, Office365 and Dropbox. The solution provides the visibility of these components across the entire enterprise using a single powerful and easy-to-use console, where all the changes made are graphically displayed and it is possible to generate more than 270 different reports.

"Critical changes occurring in systems can negatively affect the company's work. If they leave them unnoticed, they can cause serious damage to reputation and business profits. Lepide is a powerful technological player in the field of File Analysis Software technologies, but, unfortunately, today the company's decision is little known. Our technical experts are ready to familiarize partners and end users with technological capabilities and advantages of Lepide solutions" -commented Yuri Gatupov, Director of IIT Distribution.

We invite you to cooperate!


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