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Aruba ClearPass

Access controller (NAC), which provides secure connection of users to the network. It is a software and hardware complex that analyzes, monitors and provides access to devices that connect to the corporate network.

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The NAC checks the device for compliance with the company's security policies, and then determines the level of access for that device to the company's network. Aruba ClearPass supports all connection types (wired / wireless), BYOD and IoT solutions, both Aruba solutions and third-party solutions.

The three principles on which the Aruba ClearPass solution is based:

    • Visibility of all devices of the network user, their type, location.
    • Access to resources only after authorization and authentication.
    • Protect all network resources in real time.

Basic modules

  • Policy Manager - a module that allows you to create access policies based on roles or device types for all types of networks.
  • Onboard - module for automatic verification of connected devices for compliance with all company security policies. Provides the concept of BYOD technology.
  • QuickConnect - a module that simplifies and automates 802.1x authentication settings.
  • Profile - a module that applies advanced security policies (OS type, location, device type, manufacturer, etc.). Allows you to dynamically change user privileges.
  • OnGuard - a module that allows for in-depth inspection of devices. In case of non-compliance with the policy, it locks the device with the issuance of recommendations on compliance with security policies.
  • Guest - a module that allows you to automate the process of providing guest access. Automatically creates a temporary login and password for each user.

Support for most modern devices

Integration with solutions from other manufacturers (Palo Alto, Checkpoint, MDM, etc.)

Flexibility, adaptability and scalability

Aruba ClearPass: Get a crystal-clear view of your networks

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