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Lepide Data Security Platform

Simple and easy to use software that provides complete information about any changes in the network. The platform helps to see what is needed to detect and prevent internal threats, and provides an opportunity to determine where confidential data is located, who has access to it and what users do with it.

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Proactive monitoring of potential threats

Many companies feel the impact of an internal threat only after a data leak, when it is too late. The only way to ensure that this does not happen is to adopt a proactive and comprehensive audit strategy. Lepide Data Security Platform allows administrators to add one or more instances of Active Directory objects, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, file servers, Office 365, and Dropbox. The solution ensures the visibility of these server components across the enterprise with a single powerful and easy-to-use console.

The Lepide Data Security Platform (formerly LepideAuditor) helps organizations address external threats, data loss, and compliance with various information security standards. This software has the ability to generate more than 270 built-in reports that provide information about each change.


Detection of insider threats

The Lepide Data Security Platform determines where sensitive data is located, who has access to it, and what users do with it.

Detection of anomalies in user behavior

Anomaly detection technology helps determine when users make changes to data that may be considered abnormal. When such changes are made, you receive real-time messages or through predefined reports.

Real-time notification of critical changes

Critical changes in systems can negatively affect an organization. If left unnoticed, these changes can seriously damage a company's reputation and profits. Lepide Data Security Platform sends real-time notifications via e-mail and push notifications to the Lepide Data Security Platform application (for Android and iOS).

Make sure you have a way to detect and prevent internal threats to critical services and applications

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