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Threat Protection System - a high-performance solution for protection against DDoS-attacks with the ability to detect and prevent them at the border of network.

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DDoS attacks are expected to become a serious problem for 5G networks soon. A10 Thunder TPS series products provide productive protection against a variety of attacks, both traditional and specific. Unlike obsolete products, Thunder TPS uses machine learning and intelligent automation to speed up response time and minimize manual intervention. The solution is based on the use of a modular operating system ACOS and special FPGA chips, which allow you to flexibly program and combine several functions in one device.

Thunder TPS is:

  • Protection at different levels of the protocol stack through the use of proprietary signatures.
  • High performance solution and the ability to increase capacity.
  • Availability of API and own language for creation of scripts which allow to provide deep detection of network anomalies.
The main advantages of a solution

Multi-vector protection against DDOS attacks:

Mitigation of bulk, protocol, resource, application and IoT-based DDoS attacks in user protection

High efficiency:

Reducing the total cost of ownership with a maximum performance of 300 Gbps at a speed of 440 Mbps. FPGA-based acceleration reduces CPU load.

Automated response to threats:

Rapid response and minimization of manual changes with automatic mitigation and escalation based on 28 behavioral indicators.

Hybrid protection:

Security integrates with Verisign's DDoS cloud protection services.

Flexible management:

Use a 100 percent coverage API for SecOps, a built-in GUI, CLI, or control of multiple TPS devices through aGalaxy.

The Rise of Multi-Vector DDoS Attacks

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