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Security policy management

Information protection of corporate networks

Today, among the many problems faced by many corporate information security departments, one of the main ones is the lack or complete absence of relevant information about network topologies, as well as about the changes that occur in it. In addition, companies do not have the tools to analyze the current configuration of the corporate data network in terms of existing information security risks. Information security, incident management in networks can be achieved by adhering to security policies and their effective management.

Providing protection through a single control center

Corporate networks today can have firewalls of different generations, supplemented by additional cloud controls from different manufacturers. Their administration is not an easy task, because you need to constantly monitor the settings of routers, switches. Such control takes a lot of time, but in addition it is necessary to conduct an audit of network equipment from different manufacturers in terms of protection against threats, and this requires special in-depth knowledge.

Manual administration is not the best choice, such a policy can lead to late detection of problems and data leakage. It would be wiser to switch to automated administration with the help of special software solutions that allow monitoring and auditing in a single interface.

Modern software products allow:

  • fully automate the necessary changes to security policies and regulations;
  • deeply analyze risks;
  • make constructions of attack vectors;
  • preserve the life cycle of past changes;
  • conduct a timely audit.

IITD specialists will help you choose a product that meets the industry standards of your company.

IITD - Professional Assistance in Building and Securing Secure Corporate Networks Medium and large companies need software security solutions to prevent the leakage of confidential information. IITD is a distributor in the Ukrainian market of the best manufacturers of solutions in the field of information security and IT infrastructure. A wide range of software and hardware solutions allows you to choose the best option that meets the structure and needs of a particular company. Focus your efforts and focus on the company's commercial success, and entrust security policy management to iITD professionals.
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