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Ensuring the security of corporate mail

The most popular way of business correspondence is e-mail. Messengers and means of visual communication cannot yet compete with it, as they are, first of all, a tool for convenient fast communication and solving current issues. They can't replace business emails yet. Hundreds of letters are sent daily through postal channels, many of which contain financial, confidential information or information about the development of new product samples. This information may be of interest to competitors, and not only them. Email attracts hackers, scammers and all sorts of scammers. Therefore, in the overall strategy for the protection of corporate information a significant place is occupied by measures aimed at protecting the mailbox from hacking.


Methods of protection of electronic correspondence

Many companies do not pay enough attention to the protection of information when using e-mail, the maximum is the protection against spam, which is implemented through the built-in capabilities of the e-mail client. But by hacking the mailbox of only one employee, you can access all the information, including commercial. It is estimated that more than 60% of malware enters your computer through e-mail attachments. In 2019, 40% of IT professionals said that the security of corporate mail was a priority for them.

The attackers are not sitting idly by, and the number of new threats is growing from year to year, so in order not to be unarmed, you need an effective countermeasure strategy. First of all, you need to understand that there is no single universal email protection tool. You need a comprehensive program that includes a set of software and hardware that can ensure the security of the mail server, a filter to protect corporate mail from spam and encryption.

Safety rules

Successful countering of e-mail attacks is impossible if employees do not have the basics of computer security. Following a few simple rules can greatly simplify the life of an IT security professional.

In no case do not use your work address when registering on social networks and other resources that require registration. Repeated use of desktop Email increases the chances of it getting on spam lists, which means it can be used not only by "Nigerian princes" who demand money in exchange for unprecedented wealth, but also as an object for a hacker attack.

Do not open attachments contained in emails that come from an unknown address. This is the main way to install malware. The only Trojan that is caught in this way is able to give access to all trade secrets and confidential information of the company. The same applies to suggestions to follow the link from an incomprehensible letter. Spam should be immediately moved to the Trash, where it belongs.

Regularly change the password of the mailbox, make it as long as possible, containing numbers, capital and capital letters, symbols. A little healthy paranoia in this matter will not hurt anyone, but your personal account will be securely protected.

Protecting e-mail is a must to encrypt it. This reduces the likelihood of it being intercepted and ensures that no one but the author of the letter and its addressee can read the text, even if it can be intercepted. The need for encryption is due to the fact that by default e-mail does not use SSL or TLS and can therefore be read by a third party. There are specialized software products for encrypting and protecting sensitive data. There is no standard architecture for such software, but in most cases, such programs provide gateway encryption at the policy level that determines which mail and under what conditions should be encrypted.

IIT Distribution is the official representative of the largest software vendors in the field of security and protection of IT infrastructure, including corporate mail. Here the main thing is to understand that a firm of three or five employees, in principle, can do with minimal effort. It is enough to configure the e-mail client filter and follow the basic security recommendations, the implementation of which is not difficult to follow. But when it comes to a large corporation or financial company with a large staff and a complex structure consisting of departments, divisions and regional branches, the capabilities of the postman alone can not do. This requires a complex security system using software and hardware methods. IIT Distribution specializes in the construction of such systems. We are ready to offer the client solutions that reduce the risk of corporate mail hacking by 99.9%. Due to the human factor, no one will be able to give a 100% guarantee.

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